Winter has finally started to make it"s exit and the first buds of Spring are joyfully emerging! It's not too early to think about painting... How shall we start? First, take a good hard look around the outside of your home or business.

Wintertime can really put paint through it's paces...especially if it isn't a top quality paint. The freeze/thaw cycles, snow, sleet, and rain can reek havoc on paint. First, take a good look around your structure and look for any peeling that might have started.

Any signs of trouble? is it a small area, or is it widespread? Will some touchup painting do the trick? or will you need to consider repainting the entire exterior.

You can easily deal with small trouble spots by scraping off any loose paint that you see, then sanding the edges smooth. Apply a top quality primer wherever bare wood or siding shows through, and when the primer dries, brush on one or two coats of your leftover touchup paint. Hey, you just may buy yourself some time!!

If your paint is failing in many places, however, that’s a different story. Very likely, you’ll have to paint the entire exterior. And, in that case, there are some really good reasons to put things in motion right away.

Should you decide to do your own painting, you’ll find it much more pleasant and comfortable to do surface preparation and painting in springtime, when the weather is mild.

Even if you plan to hire a professional painter, there’s a reason to act fast: Painting contractors book up quickly at this time of year, and it’s smart to get on their schedule as soon as you can.
Good Luck... and don't ever hesitate to write with any questions whatsoever!

- All The Best,

- Steve